Antispatter spray

Linc Spray


Anti spatter spray 400ml


Linc Spray silicone-free water-based anti-spatters based on highly effi cient water soluble substances. It prevents spatters from sticking to nozzles, tips, and work pieces robots, and extends nozzle life considerably. It permits rapid changing and cleaning of the nozzles. Painting, galvanizing, lacquering of parts is possible. A preliminary test is recommended. Very low consumption for a high eff ectiveness.


  • Water based and odourless.
  • No influence on porosity and cold cracks.
  • No influence of the content of diffusible hydrogen in the weld metal.
  • Soluble and silicone free.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Allows parts to be lacquered.
  • Physical and chemical properties: Aspect: liquid uncoloured clear. Density at 20 °C: 1.00. Pure pH: 7. Volume: Spray: 400 ml (net), 520 ml (nominal) Propellant gas: dimethylether. Base: water - based emulsion of organic substances.
  • CAUTION: before use, carefully read and understand the safety datasheet available on our websites