The Precision Power Laser Process

Free yourself from the arc with Precision Power Laser, featured in Lincoln Electric Automation Laser-Pak systems! It's an arc-free, hotwire laser process designed to increase deposition rates and travel speeds by heating the wire to the highest degree before entering it into the laser beam. Whether welding or cladding, this process can be implemented to help improve production rates and increase quality.

Video - PPL Overview


Precision Power Laser Process Overview

Video - PPL Cladding


Cladding with PPL

Video - PPL Welding


Welding with PPL

Video - Hybrid Laser vs PPL

Alternative to the PPL Process

Hybrid Laser Arc Welding

Hybrid Laser GMAW welding is an automated, high-performance welding process with deep penetration and high travel speeds relative to traditional processes. This breakthrough approach combines the highly focused intensity of a laser with the joint filling capability of the traditional MIG process. By combining the two, hybrid laser welding provides a unique opportunity for thicker welds with less filler metal or higher travel speeds than typical welding, depending on the material thickness.

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Meet the Laser-Pak Family

The Lincoln Electric Automation™ Laser-Pak™ family of robotic laser systems includes standard and customized solutions designed to help improve productivity and increase quality. Ideal applications for the Laser-Pak systems include laser welding, cladding, feature building, joining, brazing and additive manufacturing. Designed for various industries including automotive, appliance, and aerospace, the Laser-Pak family offers our customers laser solutions that help sharpen their competitive edge.

The Value of

Precision Power Laser

Ease of Use

PPL uses standard MIG consumables and a power-based waveform. It allows you to set wire feed speed and wire power output.


Whether welding or cladding, PPL helps improve production rates and increase quality. PPL can conduct processes in any position due to low heat input and high travel speed.

Next-Level Control

The PPL waveform maximizes the heat in the wire before entering the puddle. Operation at this level of preheat is critical for high travel speeds and quality.


Precise control over all aspects of the weld helps perfect weld size and penetration depth, all at the lowest heat input possible.


Travel speed is scalable with PPL. The limitations of an arc no longer govern your production capabilities.