Robotic welding is undergoing a technical revolution.

Once relegated to large-scale operations, today’s robotic welding machines are more agile and flexible, which makes the benefits of robotic welding – increased productivity, consistent weld quality, flexibility and safety – more manageable and cost-effective for smaller to medium-size operations.

More than 20 percent of commercial welding in the United States is performed by robotics – a trend that is expected to continue to grow as operations look to find alternatives to streamline production. As a result, the demand for trained robotic welding technicians is on the rise – and Lincoln Electric is leading the charge for knowledge and training in this growing field.

Training Highlights:

  • Includes details needed to safely operate, maintain and program your Lincoln Electric Automation system for maximum output.

  • Student-to-robot ratio is 1:1 or 2:1 to maximize trainee experience.

  • All students receive reference materials, documents and contact information for Lincoln Electric Automation personnel.

All courses are conducted in a lecture-lab format. Because seating capacity is limited, early registration is advised. You are responsible for securing your own transportation to and from Lincoln Electric’s Automation facility. Lunch will be provided by Lincoln Electric.


Robotic Training FAQ's

Entry Level Exam

Students attending the Power Wave or Robotic Service Shop Courses, we suggest you take the Entry Level Electrical Course Exam to determine your skill level in electrical applications.  Before registering for these classes, it is recommended that your test score reflect an 80% or better.

Note: at the end of your exam, a code will be provided for verification of your test score. Please save this code. 

Take the Entry Exam

Course Offerings

Basic Robotic Programming (5 days): Monday-Friday

Cost: $2,500

Prerequisite: None

The robotic programming training course is conducted on a combination lecture-laboratory basis. Typically, students are grouped (2) per robot and work as a team in performing the hands-on exercises. The course is intensive. Students attending are expected to have some experience in one or more of the following: Welding, Electrical, Computer or CNC processing. Prior robot programming experience is a plus. Assignments will require some evening study. The proper selection of employees for training and their interest in being trained are critical success factors in any robot installation. Students should have experience in GMAW and welding processes. The basic robot programming class is geared toward programmers responsible for maintaining their systems.


Location: Lincoln Electric Automation, 22221 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland OH, 44117

Intermediate Robotic Programming (5 days): Monday-Friday

Cost: $3,000


The Intermediate Robotic Programming Course covers intermediate tasks and procedures that an operator, technician, engineer or programmer needs to take full advantage of the multiple capabilities of a Lincoln Electric/Fanuc® Robotic Welding System.


Location: Lincoln Electric Automation, 22221 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland OH, 44117

Advanced Robotic Programming (5 days): Monday-Friday

Cost: $3,500

Prerequisite: Basic Robotic Programming and/or Intermediate Robotic Programming

The Advanced Robotic Training program covers advanced tasks and procedures that an operator, technician, engineer or programmer needs to maximize productivity and quality with a Lincoln/FANUC®-RJ-Series Robotic Welding System. Class size is limited to 12 participants.


Location: Lincoln Electric Automation, 22221 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland OH, 44117

Robotic Service Training (5 days): Monday-Friday

Cost: $2,990

Prerequisite: Basic Robotic Programming and/or Intermediate Robotic Programming

An intensive training program covering schematic level theory, disassembly and reassembly, as well as electrical troubleshooting on a Fanuc® robot and controller. This course is intended for persons who must perform electrical and mechanical maintenance and troubleshooting as well as performing preventative maintenance.


Location: Lincoln Electric Automation, 22221 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland OH, 44117

WeldPRO (2 days): Wednesday-Thursday

Cost: $2,500

Prerequisite: Basic Robotic Programming and/or Intermediate Robotic Programming and Advanced Robotic Programming

WeldPRO™ is FANUC® Robotics’ plug-in to the RoboGuide offline programming tool, allowing users to simulate a robotic arc welding process in a 3-D space. Driven exclusively by a FANUC® Robotics Virtual Robot Controller, WeldPRO™ is empowered with the most accurate program teaching tools and cycle time information available in any simulation package. A user can easily navigate through WeldPRO™ to create complete workcells by importing actual tooling and workpiece CAD files. Anyone familiar with programming a FANUC® robot will be able to easily create new weld paths with proper torch angles and process parameters. All programs and settings from the virtual workcell can be transferred to the real robot to decrease installation time.


Location: Virtual Meetings

Contact Information & Additional Info

The Lincoln Electric Company

22801 St. Clair Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44117-1199



All registration and questions for Lincoln Electric Automation School Training is via phone at 1-888-935-3878. A confirmation email will be sent once registration is complete. Please note that classes fill up quickly. Register at least 6 weeks in advance of the course start date in order to assure the best chance of getting into the class of your choice.

If you are attending our Power Wave® or Robotic Service Shop Courses, we suggest that you take the Entry Level Standard Course Exam found at the Lincoln Electric website. This exam will evaluate your electrical skill level necessary to pass the course. The Standard Level Test can be found here.


Transportation will not be provided. The attendee is responsible for securing their own transportation to and from the Lincoln Electric Automation facility.

Hotel Reservations

It is necessary for you to contact the hotel, make and confirm your reservation, as well as provide payment. Information pertaining to the hotel will be provided in your confirmation email that you will receive upon registration. If the class is held in Cleveland, you will also receive a link to the hotel site to make reserving a room quick and easy.

No Smoking Policy

The Lincoln Electric Company provides a healthy, non-smoking environment for all our employees and visitors, therefore smoking is not permitted on the premises (includes parking lot).


Clothing should be suitable for a factory environment. No sandals, flip-flops or open-toed shoes are allowed. Steel-toed shoes are preferred but tennis shoes are acceptable. No shorts, skirts or dresses are allowed. You are in a welding lab and should wear long pants for safety reasons.


Your cost will include the registration fee, plus other items such as your hotel bill, meals and transportation to the city where the class is being held.

Electronic Devices

Cell phones with cameras, cameras and video recording devices are NOT permitted in the training lab or factory floor. Lincoln electric holds the rights to confiscate these items if required.

Cancellation Policy

If you have questions about training or need to cancel your reservation, please contact 216-383-2667 or within 72 hours of the class start time. Customers that do not show for class and have not canceled will lose their class credit. If you are paying for the class and do not cancel or show you will be billed.

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