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Spark an Interest in Welding

The Voyage™ Arc Virtual Reality Welding Career Exploration Tool is an interactive and immersive classroom platform that introduces welding fundamentals to students. It simulates real-world scenarios in an exciting, fun and profoundly engaging VR environment to jumpstart conversations about what welding is, how it impacts our lives, and why it is an exciting career option.


Why is Career Exploration Important?


of skilled manufacturing jobs go unfilled each year due to a skills gap


unfilled jobs expected by 2025 due to skills gap


new welders needed annually to offset retirements and keep up with growing demand


of companies are experiencing a shortage of qualified workers

Voyage™ Arc

Engaging Student Adventure

The Voyage™ Arc Virtual Reality Welding Career Exploration Tool transports students into a day-in-the-life adventure of the welding trade. Students navigate through practical welding applications at an amusement park and learn basic welding fundamentals - including the parts of a weld, what takes place to make a weld, what equipment is used, and more. Ten bite-sized learning lessons are guided by continuous narration and on-screen cues.

Voyage Arc

Understand Common Welding Terms and Applications

Voyage™ Arc

Learn Key Skillsets Necessary in Welding

Voyage™ Arc

Apply Knowledge in Realistic Welding Scenarios

Voyage Arc

Students Earn Points; Instructors Track Progress

Voyage Arc Computer Screen

A Classroom-Ready Tool Built with Educators in Mind

The Voyage™ Arc Virtual Reality Welding Career Exploration Tool is classroom-ready and runs pre-loaded software developed exclusively by Lincoln Electric. This welding discovery module can supplement existing curricula or become the foundation for new curricula.

•  Students can save their progress and pick up where they left off
•  Teachers can monitor scores, skills comprehension and
     completed lessons
•  The optional LAN Controller box provides analytic software
     to track data

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